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Truths and Falses

A night... or something.

Posted on 2010.12.10 at 23:50
Me Mood: melancholymelancholy
So tomorrow night, the hubby and I + a large group of friends are going to a karaoke bar. Normally, this bit of news wouldn't keep me up at night, except for the fact that the bar we are going to is one my former best friend and crew like to frequent. I know this may sound geeky, but as a precaution, I am bringing along my father and sis-in-law to stop any drama that may occur.  Now I am hopeful that nothing will happen, but I cannot take the situation lightly as this former b.f. has done A LOT to hurt me.

So why go? Good question... I don't really know. I am mostly doing this for my current bestie, morrighan_sidhe , because she loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Most of the karaoke bars around my area either suck or are quite sketchy. This one, of course, is close to home and the d.j. is AMAZING. :) I am also partly doing it because I feel I shouldn't have to constantly avoid places for fear of bumping into my former b.f. and crew. They certainly have shown up to places I/ my family go (like t.j. maxx). I should have a right to go anywhere... right? Right? Damn, I don't know. I hope this small act won't be perceived as me trying to start any drama. If they are there, I plan on ignoring them (NO MATTER WHAT) and focusing on having a good time with friends that I trust and that I know care about me/ the hubby. I also made sure to tell everyone that is going tomorrow to ignore them as well. My exact words to everyone have been, "If they want to be classless and rude, let them. I believe you guys are above teenage shenanigans. We are going to this bar to have a good time, not to stir up any unnecessary drama." I am hopeful everyone involved will behave themselves. 

However, despite the cautions and the careful planning, still I worry. What will happen when they see us? How will I react to seeing her after all this time? The last time I physically saw her was Feb. 13, 2010... the next time we spoke, we ended the friendship. Am I truly over all this? I would have been if she had just stepped away... or is that an excuse? I truly don't know how to feel anymore. To be honest, it still saddens me GREATLY about how things went down. How she went on a 7+ month rampage trudging my name through the mud. I want to feel mad, but all I feel is sadness. Sadness for losing what was supposed to be a friendship that would last forever. If only... if only. Or is this all for the best? Who's to know anymore... truly.


heretomars at 2010-12-11 07:33 (UTC) (Link)

Last weekend I went to a karaoke bar with my best friends in laws. We get there and Susie's ex friend Amy is there. Susie kicked Amy out of her house and it was this whole huge drama thing and it was just crazy! So we're all sketched out cause she's there with all of her friends and it's just me,Patty,Susie,and Sean against her and like 7 other people. This was a tiny bar. We had to walk past her on the dance floor. She didn't even look at us whatever. We ended up sitting at an empty table where she was. Nothing happened at all. We were just there to have a good time and I had a good time indeed. Patty and I did try and say hi to her at one point but she rolled her eyes at us and held up her hand and shook her head and walked the other way.

whatever. I still had a great time. ANYWAYS what I'm trying to say is just ignore her! I even sang two songs and after my second song she was even giving me props. You should have nothing to worry about! Have fun!

mizterplatypus at 2010-12-11 21:16 (UTC) (Link)
That's awesome! Thanx for sharing... yeah, I do plan on ignoring her and focusing on having a good time. :) I am sure tonight will be fine!
crazy horse.
vagina_salad at 2010-12-11 13:33 (UTC) (Link)
You'll be fine! You can't hide away all your life. It's just not fair. Get yourself OUT THERE with NO FEAR. If he's there? So what. Don't let it ruin your night. Enjoy yourself and listen to your friends beautiful voice.
mizterplatypus at 2010-12-11 21:17 (UTC) (Link)
Thank-you! I shall and will do! :)
anarchick at 2010-12-11 21:54 (UTC) (Link)
Just pick your favourite song and sing.
It not your drama, it theirs.
gwena26 at 2010-12-16 17:59 (UTC) (Link)
That's hard. I just came home from visiting a friend with whom I had a HUGE falling out with earlier this year. Now that we're at friend status again, the relationship has definitely altered palpably, but I think it's held together by the strength of the bond we once shared.

I honestly don't know if our friendship will return to the level it once was, or if I'm making the right call by attempting to reestablish a friendship in the first place, but I feel hopeful.

I hope that however it ends up, you find peace.

Also: Hello again, livejournal friend.
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