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Tackle Ills

YAY, Happy Entry! (and the peasants rejoice...)

Posted on 2010.12.12 at 21:51
Me Mood: excitedexcited
So last night did not turn out nearly as bad as I anticipated. I didn't even notice when my old bf and crew happened in on the bar. They seemed to notice me first and one of my friends (whom the crew did not know was hanging out with me) overheard them discussing whether they should say hi or not. They never did approach me, although I did notice that they tried constantly to get in my line of vision. Perhaps they wanted a body cue from me to allow them to approach me. Unfortunately for them, I just ignored the attempts and pretended to act as if they were strangers. It was a bit painful and sad, as they were both once extremely close to me, but one of them hurt me more than anyone else on the planet ever has and the other sided with her. I can't have that in my life and I won't anymore. In fact, I hope to never think, speak, write about them again. The moral behind all of this: Be thankful of the friends you have and move on from the ones you are no longer compatible with.


My nephew Gideon Jace Day was born!!! He is 9 oz and over 20 inches tall and yes, he is one big baby. I haven't seen him yet as my work schedule is sucking at the moment, but I did get this pic:

Baby Gideon Jace Day

Apparently he already needs a hair cut too! :3 Can't wait to see the new little one!

Hmm... I am quite thankful for how my life is at the moment. I truly am and I look forward to the future with my hubby and our wonderful friends!

Truths and Falses

A night... or something.

Posted on 2010.12.10 at 23:50
Me Mood: melancholymelancholy
So tomorrow night, the hubby and I + a large group of friends are going to a karaoke bar. Normally, this bit of news wouldn't keep me up at night, except for the fact that the bar we are going to is one my former best friend and crew like to frequent. I know this may sound geeky, but as a precaution, I am bringing along my father and sis-in-law to stop any drama that may occur.  Now I am hopeful that nothing will happen, but I cannot take the situation lightly as this former b.f. has done A LOT to hurt me.

So why go? Good question... I don't really know. I am mostly doing this for my current bestie, morrighan_sidhe , because she loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Most of the karaoke bars around my area either suck or are quite sketchy. This one, of course, is close to home and the d.j. is AMAZING. :) I am also partly doing it because I feel I shouldn't have to constantly avoid places for fear of bumping into my former b.f. and crew. They certainly have shown up to places I/ my family go (like t.j. maxx). I should have a right to go anywhere... right? Right? Damn, I don't know. I hope this small act won't be perceived as me trying to start any drama. If they are there, I plan on ignoring them (NO MATTER WHAT) and focusing on having a good time with friends that I trust and that I know care about me/ the hubby. I also made sure to tell everyone that is going tomorrow to ignore them as well. My exact words to everyone have been, "If they want to be classless and rude, let them. I believe you guys are above teenage shenanigans. We are going to this bar to have a good time, not to stir up any unnecessary drama." I am hopeful everyone involved will behave themselves. 

However, despite the cautions and the careful planning, still I worry. What will happen when they see us? How will I react to seeing her after all this time? The last time I physically saw her was Feb. 13, 2010... the next time we spoke, we ended the friendship. Am I truly over all this? I would have been if she had just stepped away... or is that an excuse? I truly don't know how to feel anymore. To be honest, it still saddens me GREATLY about how things went down. How she went on a 7+ month rampage trudging my name through the mud. I want to feel mad, but all I feel is sadness. Sadness for losing what was supposed to be a friendship that would last forever. If only... if only. Or is this all for the best? Who's to know anymore... truly.

Daydream believer

YAY some time...

Posted on 2010.12.06 at 00:16
Me Mood: morosesaddened
It has been a busy few weeks and I am TIRED. The next few weeks will be even more insane, whee, but that's what happens when you work retail during the holidays.

Let's see, update: Well, nothing much has changed in my life except for the fact that I noticed some old best friends had finally deleted me from facebook. Not to say that I am surprised, but it still saddens me nonetheless. Now why did they delete me? Oh yay, story time...

For those who do not know, my former best friend of 15 years, the maid of honor at my wedding... blah... waged an all out war against me last year. She took it upon herself to decide that I used her, was a sucky friend, had a lousy husband and lousy friends, etc. To make a long story short, I was a senior in college, working 3 jobs, newly married and I didn't make enough time for her. So what does she do? Not only does she ruin my birthday last year, but she made time to go to our old work, with people I consider family (hell my step-mum still works there) and tried to start a mizterplatypus smear campaign. She brought up stuff I told her in private about me, my hubby and my life. Mind you she was my best friend and I trusted her. The funny thing? She accused me of using info she entrusted to me against her. She said I used this info to use her for my wedding. Yes, she was my maid of honor, so her and my other high school bf paid for a dj $300.00, threw me a bridal shower and sang at my wedding.  I was grateful and thought they were merely helping me out since I have done more than my fair share of helping those 2 out over the years... helping them move, getting stuck paying over $3000 for one of their sister's weddings (she used my credit card and stuck me with an insane interest amount), co-signing for cell phones that I had to pay off since one of 'em defaulted, etc.

Oh, why did she ruin my b-day? She never gave me any rhyme or reason as to why. She simply never showed any interest, such as wishing me a happy birthday. She also forced me to make a painful decision that day about stepping away (as I so eloquently put it) from our friendship. I cried for 3 days straight after that... happy b-day tif. Unfortunately, by breaking off my friendship with her, I lost my other high school bf and her family that I had loved very dearly. They all deleted me from fb (after knowing me for over 16 years) all because of the rantings of a BITTER, vindictive person.  I was told by my old work buddies (mind you, this is all hear-say) that she went around (A PUBLIC STORE) stating my husband was a felon and that I "said" that my high school bf (the one who deleted me off of facebook) did a horrible job doing the bridesmaids hair. One of the gals at my old work (all of them, btw, told off my former "friend" when she tried to ruin my reputation) that she also said that I thought my high school bf did a terrible job singing at my wedding. Obviously, this is false info, made to make me look like an a**hole. I imagine, that my high school bf and her family must all think I am a beast and that greatly saddens me. I never and WOULD NEVER say that she did a terrible job singing at my wedding... in fact she did a BEAUTIFUL job. People still comment on how great she and her father were and I was honored to have such a great gift given to me and my husband. However, what I did mention to my former best friend was that I wish my bridemaids got their hair done professionally. I regret that now, as it was obviously taken out of context.

So the result? I lost not only my former back stabbing bf, but my old bf from high school and her family.  Why am I so upset over this? Really? Why would they believe her? She has dragged this on FOR OVER 7 months now. She is evil as far as I am concerned... but maybe I am being too harsh. In reality, she is lonely and I did the worst thing I ever could to her... I got married and improved my self-esteem. I had mentioned at one point that she was my guardian angel, but now I see her for what she is, a wolf, no... demon in sheep's clothing.

Sorry for the rant and lack of posts... they may be spotty the next few weeks until after the holidays. I hope all of you are doing well!


Meow Meow Cat Chow...

Posted on 2010.11.24 at 18:04
Me Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Ahh... it feels good to be busy again. This is the time of year when most of us in retail aren't allowed to have any kind of social life. For me, the last few weeks have been filled with rearranging fixtures, getting used to a new job and fighting with a car that refuses to lose.  Arrgh. Took my Toyota corolla into the mechanic on Monday because the brake light kept coming on. "YAY" for me, because I had to not only replace the car's front brakes, but the exhaust manifold as well. There goes $700... ah well, easy come, easy go.

Thanksgiving will be spent at me bro's house. He host's it every year since he and the misses actually enjoy cooking for it. Lucky for me, they are both excellent cooks!

I hope all of you have an excellent holiday!!! :D


YAY I survived the Last Several Days!

Posted on 2010.11.16 at 13:37
Me Mood: optimisticoptimistic
To say that the last several days for me were busy would be an understatement at best, but they were good days... nonetheless. I worked at Lindt and it is apparent that the holiday season is coming. Granted, we already have the ENTIRE store decked out for x-mas and YES, the Christmas music is already blaring. Thanksgiving?? What's that...?

I worked double shifts for Lindt over the weekend, leaving me feeling tired and grumpy. When I gpt home, I literally went for the bed and didn't leave it until the next day. :/  Then I started my new job yesterday at the gallery store in Exeter. It is BEAUTIFUL and my new manager-to-be is AWESOME. She is very pretty too... if I dare say so meself, despite the fact that she is two decades my senior. I think I will like it there, but I am worried that it will take me a while to get used to the merchandise and what not. My hubby bought me a GPS so I would make it to my new work and it is supakewawesome!! I love it and wonder how I ever lived without one all these years... *runs over to hug my new garmin*.

2day I have off and I am happy... despite the f***in' period cramps at least. I can catch up on me livejournal and finally publish a post. I know this may sounds a bit batty... but I truly look forward to the holiday season this year! :)


Look an UPDATE! Oooh...

Posted on 2010.11.12 at 20:39
Me Mood: exhaustedexhausted
The last several days have been busy ones for me! Had a massive store move 2day at me work. Every bone in my body... HURTS, to put it bluntly.

Have a crap load more busy days ahead of me this week. I am looking forward to starting my new job and such... but I am exhausted.

Would say more... but to be honest, I am just too tired to type. Ah, the life of a retail whore. ;P

All You Need is Love

Ahh... what boredom will bring you.

Posted on 2010.11.09 at 14:51
Me Mood: creativecreative
So I spent the better part of last night and today making my own animated icon. Why? Because I may possibly have no life... but mostly because it was my 100th icon and I wanted it to be something special. It was inspired by my wonderful hubby and I can't wait to show him when he gets home from work!! Now mind you it is by no means the best, but it does incorporate my artwork and I am rather proud of it... if I dare say so myself.

If you like it, feel free to swipe it, all I ask is that you credit me: mizterplatypus and my art biz: © tifdoesart


I an glad I figured making the darn icon out... because for a little while there, I wanted to throw my computer across the room... YAY for patience.

Yes I had ANOTHER day off... *sighs* and to think, a year ago I would have given anything to have some time off! Now I am finding it harder and harder to find stuff to busy myself with. My hubby Mike is an old time gamer and I am lucky he has saved all his systems over the years, including the original Nintendo. Hells yeah, a kid's favorite toy from the 80's... heh. Okie so I just spent the last several hours getting sucked back into a slew of old Nintendo games. Can't say I'm any kind of major gamer, but hell... I can appreciate the classics. My brother can beat the original Super Mario Brothers in less than 5 minutes... now I am not as good, but I enjoyed playing the game and saving Princess Toadstool. 

Below is a clip I found years ago on Youtube. It is by no means is an accurate representation of the original game, but it is funny as all hell!


ALL Hail

I'm just gonna roll around on the floor for a bit, okie?

Posted on 2010.11.07 at 16:06
Me Mood: indifferentindifferent
So the last few days were rather uneventful. I worked (yay for money) and spent some quality time with the hubby. I also had to break the news to my manager at Lindt chocolate that I got another job working at a art store/gallery. I am excited for this opportunity because, it is my first art related job! *squee* Yeah, it's still considered retail, but hell they pay okie and I like pay.

Wish I had some more intriguing things to discuss, but alas... I do not. My hubby and best friend just started getting me into a T.V. show series called true blood. I rather like it... at least it's not Twilight (j/k).  I can't say I enjoy the Twilight series, but I do have some friends that are into it. *shrugs*

Anyone have any good suggestions for must-see t.v series... I am bored and need to update my daily routines!


Post it ATTACK!

Bored and then some...

Posted on 2010.11.05 at 15:56
Me Mood: blahMeh...
So I am unsure how many of my lj peeps are facebook users out there, but I have recently created a facebook page dedicated to my artwork.

I am looking for a few more peeps to like/add my page, so I would appreciate any of you taking a look at my stuff! :D Click the birdie below and it will take u to my fb page! :)

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